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Quincy IL Pest Control Service Rodent Roach Termite Removal Press Release

New Press Release: September 18, 2018

Quincy IL Pest Control Service Rodent Roach Termite Removal Report Launched

Double G Pest Control, the Quincy, IL extermination experts, have launched a new report focusing on the importance of getting in touch with pest control professionals for bug extermination. The company provides residential and commercial pest control, termite inspection, treatments, spraying for ants, and more.

Mice, mouse

Further information can be found at:

Anyone around the West Central Illinois and Northeastern Missouri areas can get in touch with Double G Pest Control to secure their home and protect it against bugs, rodents, and insects.

The company provides a full range of pest control services, including getting rid of ants, roaches, rodents, termites, spiders, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, mosquitos, and more.

In its new report, the company explains that pest control issues have been in the news a lot recently. For example, in March and April it was reported that there were bed bugs found in the Kansas City International Airport gate seating area.

Bed bugs love to travel in luggage, and as such can be a common infestation in public spaces. Other airlines have also had problems, and the National Pest Management Association says that bug infestations are continuing at high rates.

Termites have also been in the news, as they continue to cause billions of dollars worth of property damage across the US. Most homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover this type of damage, so it’s important to remain vigilant, especially in wood frame homes.

Anyone wanting expert pest control, bed bug removal, and termite extermination services in Quincy, IL, can get in touch with Double G Pest Control.

The company states: “Double G Pest Control provides residential and commercial pest control services, pest extermination, sprayed lawn treatments and lawn fertilization to residential homes and commercial businesses. The organization has been servicing customers since 2013 and has been helping satisfied clients ever since.”

Full details of the services available can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

A new pest control report has been launched by Double G Pest Control in Quincy, IL. The company is known for its high quality service and provides bug, insect, rodent, and roach extermination, among other services.

About Us Info:
Double G Pest Control, Inc. is a Pest Control Services organization located in 1319 N. 1153rd Ln, Quincy, IL 62305, and caters for the West Central Illinois and Northeastern Missouri locations. Double G Pest Control, Inc. provides residential and commercial pest control services, pest extermination, sprayed lawn treatments and lawn fertilization to residential homes and commercial businesses. The organization has been servicing customers since 2013, and has been helping satisfied clients ever since.

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Call Owner Greg Goodwin at (217)440-2847 or (573)713-0035 or email Greg at

Pest Control Professionals for Your Home or Business

Why you need pest control professionals.

How you noticed the number of pest control related articles in the main stream media news lately?

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Back in March and April this year it was reported that there were bed bugs found at the Kansas City International Airport in the gate seating area.  The seat where the bed bugs were found was near an area where there several restaurants nearby.  The bed bug problem was addressed quickly by airport staff and other areas were checked and no further bed bugs were found.


Wonder how those bed bugs got there?  Bed Bugs are hitch hikers and they love to travel in your luggage.  Whether or not the traveler knew it or not, they where just letting their hitch hikers find new places to travel to and meet new people.

Bed bugs are a common infestation in public places especially when it comes to travel.

Other airlines have had problems.  London Heathrow and the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport terminal had infestations too this past year.

The National Pest Management Association says that bed bug infestations in the US continue at high rates, with nearly 99.6 percent of pest control management agencies having treated for bed bugs in the past year.


Bed bugs were in the news in July too.  Orkin released a report called the Top 50 Bed Bug Cities.  #1 on that list was Baltimore Maryland.  Also, at the top of that list were the nearby cities of Washington D.C., Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio.  The threat of real folks.  You have to be careful when your traveling to these areas.


More resources:

The Scourge of Bed Bugs


Just this week the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was reported as having issues with rats.  A large number of construction projects at the airport are pushing the rats to move inside the airport where they are finding lots of food sources with the huge amount of trash that is generated by airport travelers.

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The air port is having to spend a great deal of money on pest control services, additional staff and adding many new rat traps to control the rat problems.

Termites were in the news in August.  Termites cause billions of dollar’s worth of property damage annually across the U.S.  Most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover this type of damage which is why if you own a wood frame home you must be vigilant and proactive about having termite extermination.

Termites are survivors having been in existence for over 120 million years.  There are over 2,600 species of termites and they live on all the continents of the world except for Antarctica.  Imagine that they don’t like cold weather and the icy conditions found there.

Termites have evolved and due to their ability to burrow and live in the soil.  They have evolved into many different species that thrive in the different environments they live in.

If you suspect you have a termite infestation in your home, it is best to call a professional to come and evaluate the potential problem.  If found early enough the problem can be treated and the home can be saved.  This is why having a licensed exterminator is the best person to diagnose the severity of your infestation and to work on get the termites eliminated from your home.


Double G Pest Control, Inc. is a Pest Control Services company located in Hannibal, Missouri, 63401, and caters for the Northeastern Missouri and West Central Illinois service area. Double G Pest Control, Inc. provides residential and commercial pest control services, pest extermination, sprayed lawn treatments and lawn fertilization to residential homes and commercial businesses.  The organization has been servicing customers since 2013 and has been helping satisfied clients ever since.

So is you think you have a Pest Control Problem, call us today – (217)440-2847 or (573)713-0035.

More info:

Pest Control Service in Canton Missouri

Nobody wants to live with Pests in Canton Missouri!

local pest control -Double G Pest Control

Many pest issues can be controlled by a professional pest control service provider or by the property owner using a combination of preventative measures, good cleanliness and general‐use pesticides. Occasionally, a pest issue becomes too big or too intricate and house owners choose to seek outside pest control support by employing a pest control professional.

Insects as well as rodents could pollute food, damages residences, and cause conditions that can make allergic reactions and asthma worse. Chemicals people use to get rid of pests likewise trigger issues, pesticides can cling to carpets, furniture, as well as various other surface areas, and severally threat people and animals. The National Poison Control Center takes around 1,000 calls each year of unintended pesticide poisonings or direct exposures annually and fifty percent of them to youngsters under five.

Just what are people doing wrong?

Lots of renters, property managers, and pest control professionals make the very same error: they rely on pesticides first. But chemicals kill just a small number of pests. Pests could end up being immune, so the poison no longer eliminates them and their offspring. Pesticides, chemicals that eliminate pests are typically unnecessary. When they are required, only safer products should be utilized.

Excellent pest control gets to the root of the trouble. To get rid of pests and keep them from coming back, you should deny them of whatever they have to survive: food, water, sanctuary, and means to get around.

You possibly already know if you have cockroaches, mice, or rats. However, it is important to know just how huge the issue is, just how pests are getting in, and where pests are obtaining their food and water. To find out, inspect every room in your home, concentrating on the kitchen and bathroom where pests are typically worst. You may need a flashlight for the dark locations.

Pesticides are poisons. A few of the properties that make them hazardous to pests likewise make them potentially cancerous to people as well as animals. Use pesticides carefully. Prevent sprays, foggers, as well as bombs. They spread out everywhere and come down on surface areas where people rest, prepare food, play, or consume. Never purchase or make use of a product without a supplier’s label as well as never purchase pesticides from street vendors. Always adhere to the producer’s label and directions tag. Never use a product for a different insect or named on the label. Store chemicals safely and place traps where youngsters or pet dogs can’t reach them.

An excellent pest control specialist will certainly recognize the problems that are contributing to the pests and will create a plan for doing away with the pests. Some pest troubles call for numerous check outs, it may take him days and even weeks to get eliminate a severe rodent trouble. Tell him to make use of the least hazardous pesticide that will certainly be effective. Don’t permit him to utilize insect bombs or foggers. If you have children or family pets, ensure he knows.

Canton Missouri Termite as well as Pest Control


When you run into a problem with pests, you call your local exterminator for insects, pests, spiders, rodents, and so on. A lot of various type of pests can create a different kind of extermination. If you have insects, there are special insect extermination methods.

Double G Pest Control specializes stopping termites & pests in and around Canton Missouri whether it’s preventative pest control at a commercial place or maybe an immediate insect invasion problem in your house below in Northeast Missouri, we’re ready to be there to help as rapidly as feasible.

Handling an Invasion

When managing a pest or crawler trouble, it is important that you locate and call an exterminator right now whatever type of problem. If you doubt of exactly what type of pest is behind your problem, not a problem at all … our experts will come out and analyze the trouble.
When you have an infestation, it is essential to call Double G Pest Control immediately just because the longer you leave an infestation, the more damages the pest, rodent, or roach will certainly do.

Some infestations are just pest nuisances, while others could trigger harm to your family members and home. Some rodents carry illness that can potentially cause health issue. It is critical that you get your problem in control right now. Call Double G Pest Control for the very best regional pest control for all your pest needs.


Our team is an extremely trained group of professionals that will wipe out any problem that you have. Our team has seen every type of invasion feasible and, we are trained not only to wipe out the trouble however additionally to help you recognize what we are doing during our time at your home or commercial place. We desire you to really feel comfy with hiring us. Our team will certainly assist you understand why this happened, exactly what will prevent this in the future, as well as just what we can do to repair the problem.

Your house or company should not be an area for an infestation. It needs to be a place where you come to live or function pleasantly and relax. Don’t let an insect or pest problem prevent that for you. We will stop the trouble and work to restore that peace of mind for you. It is our task to do that as well as we will do it in our most professional way.

Quincy IL Pest Control Best Rodent Roach & Ant Spraying Service Announced

New Press Release 8/16/2018

Quincy IL Pest Control Best Rodent Roach & Ant Spraying Service Announced

A leading Quincy, IL pest control service has announced it can provide local homeowners and business owners with affordable extermination services for rodents, roaches and other pests. It has a range of pest control solutions and is known for excellent service.

Double G Pest Control, based in Quincy, Illinois, has announced it can provide local customers with affordable, professional pest control services. This includes extermination, termite inspection, treatments, spraying for ants, cockroaches, and spiders, along with rodent pest control solutions throughout West Central Illinois and Northeastern Missouri.

More information can be found at:

The pest control experts have a reputation for excellent service, and provides a full and complete package of pest control services for its customers homes and businesses. This means anyone in the area can get in touch safe in the knowledge that they will get high quality, reliable service.

Pests come in all shapes and sizes and can strike at any time, which is why Double G Pest Control is always there to help. It can provide pest controls revives for ants, roaches, rodents, termites, spiders, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, mosquitos, and more.

Double G Pest Control was launched by Greg Goodwin as a way of helping customers to get full service pest control services when and where they need them. Greg has 25 years’ experience working in the pest control industry and prides himself on his high quality service.

The company has a wide service area around Quincy and the surrounding areas, and any interested parties can get in touch using the quote form provided on site.

Double G Pest Control can provide affordable and reliable Quincy pest control and extermination services for homeowners and business owners wanting safe, clean environments.

This can be highly beneficial for local businesses, because once it becomes known that a company has pests in the building, it can harm reputation. This leads to a downward spiral that is avoided simply by getting in touch with the expert team at Double G.

The company states: “Double G Pest Control is dedicated to offering effective pest control solutions that can help homeowners and businesses keep their properties pest free.”

Full details of the services provided can be found on the URL above.

Double G Pest Control Logo

Quincy Palmyra Exterminator Bed Bug Termite & Mice Pest Control Service Launched

Press Release dated 7/13/2018

Quincy Palmyra Exterminator Bed Bug Termite & Mice Pest Control Service Launched

The award winning Double G Pest Control, available for free quotes at 217 440-2487, is now offering its thorough, affordable extermination services for home and business owners in Palmyra, MO.

The main exterminator in Quincy, IL, Double G Pest Control, announced it is now also offering its coveted pest removal services to homeowners and commercial properties around Palmyra, Missouri.

More information is available at

The Double G Pest Control is the award winning exterminator most in the West Central Illinois and Northeastern Missouri area turn to when they want to permanently rid their properties of pests at great prices.

To make sure more people in the area can have their pest problems addressed the right way for a lot less, the company has announced it is now also offering its services to home and business owners in Palmyra, MO.

These include its thorough inspections and the custom pest control they have for bed bugs, termites, spiders, ants, fleas, mosquitos, rodents and a vast range of other insects that might be damaging the property or bothering the family, the guests and the staff.

All their services are delivered by skilled, licensed technicians who are available 24/7 so no one is ever left hanging with dangerous, unwanted pests, and who always tailor their plan to the client’s needs, the budget, and the property.

For added convenience and peace of mind, they employ only safe, eco-friendly baiting, spraying, freezing, heating or fumigation methods which can rid the property of the pest for good but with no risk to the children, the pets and the other residents.

These crews are all handpicked by the owner, founder and industry vet, Mr. Greg Goodwin, based not only on their skill and knowledge but also their ability to provide the client an enjoyable experience and uphold the high standards of service the company is known for.

Mr. Goodwin, explains “pests can be dangerous to those around us and cause a lot of damage to a property. What we do is provide an easy way to keep everyone safe and avoid thousands in repairs.”

To get free quotes from the Double G Pest Control team and find out more about all the extermination services they are offering in Palmyra, the public can call 217 440-2487 or check their website at the link provided above.

The Scourge of Bed Bugs

Once nearly eradicated in the United States, the small, flat, brown bugs with a big bite are menacing cities from coast to coast as they scurry back in alarming numbers.  Why? Increased international travel and immigration, along with the loss of effective insecticides, has helped this insect spread faster than any other urban insect pest.  For example, in April 2018, bed bugs were found in a sitting area at the Kansas City International Airport in Missouri. According to the Kansas City Star, the discovery was made March 28 inside Terminal B. Airport spokesman Kathleen Hefner says the infestation was on an upholstered chair in an area near several restaurants.

History of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been a household pest issue for more than 3,300 years, dating back to ancient Egypt. They were first brought to the United States by early colonists, where they thrived for many decades. However, by the 1950’s, bed bugs had been all but eradicated in the developed world, thanks to the availability of new pest control products, coupled with the widespread use of vacuums and washing machines which helped to control the spread of infestations in living spaces.

The current problem

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The resurgence of bed bugs has created significant concern in the pest management industry and in society overall. Controlling, let alone eradicating, this pest is extremely difficult.

A recent article by The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), states:

“With 97 percent of U.S. pest professionals reporting they have treated for bed bugs in the past year, it’s clear that bed bugs remain a pervasive problem,” said Cindy Mannes, executive director of PPMA. “What’s more alarming, is that an overwhelming majority of bed bug calls originate as a customer calling for another type of pest, such as fleas”. This extreme rate of misidentification underscores the need for public understanding of how to spot an infestation, and to hire a professional before it gets out of hand.”

Below are some key highlights from PPMA’s 2018 Bugs Without Borders survey:

1) Almost all (97 percent) pest professionals have treated bed bugs in the past year. A majority of them say that overall bed bug service work (69 percent) and the prevalence of these pests (66 percent) are increasing.

2) Bed bugs may be easily confused with other pests, as 84 percent of pest control professionals were initially contacted about a different type of pest before identifying them as bed bugs. Many of these contacts (71 percent) were about fleas, followed by cockroaches (28 percent).

3) More than half of pest control professionals noted that they receive the most bed bug complaints during the summer, as increased travel during this time of the year may help spread bed bugs from vacation destinations to homes or even college lodgings to homes as students go on summer break.

Bedbug bites

4) The top three places where pest professionals encounter bed bugs are single-family homes (91 percent), apartments/condominiums (89 percent), and hotels/motels (68 percent). However, bed bugs can be found in high numbers in a variety of other places:

  • Nursing Homes – 59 percent
  • Schools & Day Care Centers – 47 percent
  • Office Buildings – 46 percent
  • College Dorms – 45 percent
  • Hospitals – 36 percent
  • Public Transportation – 19 percent

5) Bites are the most commonly reported sign of an infestation (92 percent) and more than half of people reach out for treatment after discovering bites and welts on their bodies. Although some people immediately develop a skin reaction to bites, others may take two to three days before showing obvious symptoms or any symptoms at all, meaning that people could be unaware of a bed bug problem until a full-blown infestation has taken root.

Bed bug bites around left wrist

6) Typically found in couches and bed frames, bed bugs can also be found in some of the most unexpected places, including stuffed animals, wheelchairs, airplanes, school buses, purses and even inside bedside lamps.

The bed bugs are travelers and hitch a ride whenever they can.  They are now everywhere and treating them is not only financially and physically difficult, but the stigma attached to an infestation can be the cruelest bite of all.

Bedbugs should not be equated with filth or sanitation problems — in hotels or in homes, for that matter. Bedbugs are very elusive, transient pests. They are often found in other areas besides the bed. And they are hardy. They can live for several months without eating and can withstand a wide range of temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Bedbugs can be controlled with vigilance, constant inspection and treatment by professional pest control companies.

State Guidelines

Every state most likely has guidelines and policies in place for controlling infestations and other nuisances.  As residents of Missouri or Illinois, are you aware of the policies our state holds up?


You can find information here on the United States EPA Website about bed bug identification and bed bug life cycle information.

Life cycle

After mating, females lay white, oval eggs (1/16″ long) into cracks and crevices.

  • An individual bed bug can lay 200 to 250 eggs in her lifetime.
  • The eggs hatch in 6 to 10 days and the newly emerged nymphs seek a blood meal.
  • Immature nymphs molt five times (they shed their outer exoskeleton) before reaching adulthood.
  • There may be three or more generations per year. All ages are found in a reproducing population.
  • Under normal circumstances adult bed bugs will live for about 2 to 4 months.

Bed bugs need to feed at least once before each molt, although they could feed as often as once a day.

Bed bug nymph, Cimex lectularius

Young nymphs can survive without a blood meal for days up to several months. Older nymphs and adults can survive longer without a blood meal up to a year under favorable conditions.

Prevention while traveling

Looking to avoid bed bugs? Bed bug prevention is a lot easier than eliminating an existing infestation. As the public’s awareness of the bed bug resurgence grows, focus on bed bug prevention has also grown. Many Americans are modifying their behaviors to minimize their risk of an infestation.

Adult bed bugs can live for several months without eating, making them especially hard to control. Once inside a hotel or home, bed bugs spread rapidly from room to room – through pipes, in vacuum cleaners, on clothing and luggage. In a hotel, bed bugs can even spread to neighboring rooms, since guests are may end up moving to another room.

If you stay in a hotel or motel, keep these bed bug travel tips in mind. It is important that you take some precautions to ensure that your room is bed-bug free before you settle in. In a recent survey by NPMA, 75% of pest control professionals indicated that they have encountered infestations of bed bugs in hotels and motels. The NPMA recommends the following tips for bed bug prevention when traveling:

  •  At hotels, pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress seams, particularly at the corners, for telltale stains or spots.  If you see anything suspect, notify management and change rooms/establishments immediately.
  • Thoroughly inspect the entire room before unpacking, including behind the headboard and in sofas/chairs.  If any pests are spotted, change rooms/establishments immediately.
  • If you do need to change rooms, be sure that you do not move to a room adjacent and/or directly above/below the suspected infestation.  Bed bugs can easily hitchhike via housekeeping carts, luggage and even through wall sockets. If an infestation is spreading, it typically does so in the rooms closest to the origin.
  • Consider placing your suitcase in a plastic trash bag or protective cover during the duration of your trip to ensure that bed bugs cannot take up residence there prior to departure.

Remember: bed bugs travel by hitching rides. After your trip, inspect your suitcases before bringing them into the house. Vacuum your suitcase thoroughly before storing away. Consider using a garment hand steamer to steam your luggage, which will kill any bed bugs or eggs that may have hitched a ride home.

Wash all of your clothes – even those that have not been worn – in hot water to ensure that any bed bugs that may have made it that far are not placed into your drawers/closet.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug (265 17)

Like most professional pest control companies, Double G Pest Control uses a variety of methods, including chemicals, such as diatomaceous earth, and heat treatment. With heat treatment, heaters are brought into a unit, which is warmed to a temperature well above 120 degrees for several hours, killing the bugs.

When you know you have bed bugs, you must evaluate each situation to determine the right course and best treatment.  First you must isolate the problem, find the bugs, and plan your approach.  Successful treatment can take several weeks of repeated treatment and monitoring to eliminate the bed bug problem. This is why the cost of treating and eliminating bugs is so expensive.

Because bed bugs are capable of surviving for long periods of time between feedings, during the day they hide seams of mattresses, box springs, bed frames, dressers, tables, cracks and crevices, behind wallpaper, electric outlets, or under any clutter or objects around a bed. Check for any blood staining on mattresses, which is also a sign of infestation.

Hotels are a prime source of bed bugs but not the only source. Nearly every resource said the best practice for staying in hotels is to walk in, place luggage in the bathtub, then check around the bed, under the edges of the mattress, and in the curtains before unpacking and making yourself to home.

Most hospitals and home health care staff are now taking precautions as well with incoming patients.

Much of the information below on treatment is taken from this website and its excellent article.

The reality is that bed bugs are one of the most difficult pest problems to eradicate quickly. By far, the best solution for bed bugs is to hire a pest control company with experience successfully controlling bed bugs. Unfortunately, this can be expensive and beyond the means of many people. If you feel you cannot afford to hire a professional, and want to attempt do-it-yourself bed bug control, there are some things you can do. With diligence and patience and some hard work you have a fighting chance of getting rid of bed bugs in your home.

If you live in an apartment or condominium, it’s best to alert the property manager.  A coordinated bed bug control effort using a pest control company is generally needed in such situations. Bed bugs readily move from apartment to apartment, with many people unaware that they have a problem. If one apartment is infested, adjoining units (left side, right side, above and below) should be assumed to be infested unless shown otherwise through inspection or monitoring.  Simply asking tenants whether they have bed bugs is not enough.  In one recent study only half of apartment residents whose homes were determined to have bed, bugs knew (or admitted) they had a bed bug problem.

Pesticides alone are not the answer to bed bugs. Most of the commonly used pesticides today, including professional products and consumer products advertised for control of bed bugs, are at best moderately effective at controlling these pests. Pesticides must be used with care for safety and with attention to proper application to work well. Aerosol “bug bombs” or “fumigators” are also mostly ineffective in eliminating bed bugs. Aerosol insecticides mainly kill insects that are exposed, and out of their hiding places, not those hidden behind baseboards, in cracks and crevices of the bed, under carpet edging and in walls. Steps for do-it-yourself bed bug control

Ozzy, Toby and Becca The Bed Bug Scent Detection Beagles

Determine which rooms are infested. Bedrooms are the principal locations for bed bugs; however, any room where people sleep in the home may provide harborage for bed bugs. Living rooms with sofas and sofa beds are the next most common sites for bed bugs. Typically, an infestation starts in one room and spreads slowly to other places where people sleep.  The sooner you find and treat bed bugs the easier it will be to get rid of them.  Wait too long and bed bugs may be found throughout your home.

Don’t throw your bed away.  It’s generally unnecessary to throw away beds or bedding. It is expensive to replace bedding, and chances are that any new mattresses, box springs or beds you bring into the home will quickly become re-infested.  The money to replace a bed or mattress might better be spent on hiring a professional.

Create a safe place to sleep.  This is critical because staying in your own bed will reduce the risk of bed bugs spreading throughout your home. If you move to another room to sleep, the bed bugs will eventually follow.  Then you’ll have bed bugs in multiple rooms. Make your bed a safe place to sleep by:

Stripping and vacuuming the mattresses and box springs and encasing them.  Double bag your bedding and wash in hot water and dry for at least 30 minutes (discard the inner bag after putting bedding into the washer, as it could have bed bugs).  After vacuuming suspected bed bugs from the bed, take your vacuum cleaner outdoors and remove and discard the bag.  Purchase a good quality set of bed-bug-proof encasements for your mattresses and box springs. Bed bug-proof encasements are fabric sacks into which you slide your mattress or your box spring. The zippers on bed bug encasements are designed to be tight enough to prevent even the smallest life stages of the bed bugs from escaping. Also, good bed bug-proof encasements are woven to prevent bed bugs from biting you through the encasement. A good encasement will trap all bed bugs in the mattress and box spring inside, and will be smooth on the outside, providing few places for bed bugs to hide. Sears, Target, Walmart and other stores may sell bed bug-proof encasements, but these can also be purchased online. A good place to look for different brands and reviews of mattress encasements is (whether you buy there or at a local store). Go to and search for “bed bug mattress protectors”.

Killing all bed bugs on your bed frame and headboard. Normally this would be done by a pest control professional. Approximately 70% of all bed bugs in the typical infestation are located on the mattress, box spring and bed frame.  You’ve encased the mattress and box spring and taken care of that problem.  Now you must make sure that your bed frame is bed bug free. Vacuuming alone won’t do this.  Vacuuming can remove many bed bug adults and nymphs, but it isn’t very good at removing eggs.  For this job you’ll need insecticide sprays and possibly dusts to treat every crevice and void in your bed.  For insecticide spray and dust options see below. Remember that insecticides can be hazardous if you don’t follow label directions.  Read the whole label before spraying or dusting.  The label directions are the law and failure to follow the label not only puts you and your family at risk, it is against the law.  Homemade sprays, by the way, are usually less safe than commercial insecticides.  Stick with the legal stuff.

Isolating your bed from the rest of the house.  If you don’t use a bed, purchase a frame that gets your mattress off the floor and install bed bug interceptors under all feet of the bed frame to keep bed bugs off your bed while you are sleeping. Interceptors are special platforms or cups that are purchased to prevent bed bugs from climbing on to your bed.  An interceptor can be as simple as a sticky card placed under a bed post (sticky and messy).  Better are one of the commercial pitfall traps made specifically for this purpose.  The Climbup™ Bed bug Interceptor and BlackOut BedBug Detector (Google them) are two such products sold online. Relatively inexpensive, these cups trap bed bugs attempting to climb (or exit) the bed. If you have encased your bedding, treated your bed frame thoroughly and installed interceptors, you will be instantly protected against bed bugs.  Don’t take out your clean bedding or put it back on the bed until the bed has been treated (and dried) and encasements installed. And note that for this method to be effective, beds and bedding must not touch the floor, furniture or walls.  This would provide bed bugs other ways to climb onto the bed and foil your defenses.

Kill the Bed Bugs

  •  Make sure the methods you select are safe, effective and legal. See What’s Legal, What’s Not for more information.
  •  Consider non-chemical methods of killing bed bugs. Some will be more useful than others.
  •  Heat treatment using a clothes dryer on high heat, black plastic bags in the sun or a hot, closed car (pest management professionals have other methods that are not suitable for non-trained individuals to use).
  •  Cold treatment can be successful in the home environment if the freezer is set to 0o F. You must leave the items in the freezer at that temperature for four days. (Always use a thermometer to check the temperature, since home freezers are not always set to 0o.)
  •  Reducing the numbers of bugs with these and other non-chemical methods is helpful but is unlikely to entirely eliminate the infestation.
  •  If needed, use pesticides carefully according to the label directions or hire a pest management professional.
  •  Look for EPA-registered pesticides.
  •  Bed bugs must be listed on the label.
  •  Use foggers (bug bombs) only with extreme care. Improper use can harm your health or cause a fire/explosion.
  •  Because foggers work with a broadcast spraying action, they should not be used as the sole source of bed bug control. The spray will not reach the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide.
  •  See Should I Use a Fogger?
  •  Every few days after you complete your initial cleanup and control processes, carefully look for any evidence of bed bugs.

If you see bed bugs, that means that either the initial cleanup missed some individuals or that eggs have hatched (finding and removing or killing all eggs can be very difficult) and retreatment may be needed.

If repeated treatments are needed, consider using pesticides with different modes of action.

Desiccants (drying agents) can be particularly effective in some situations since they work by drying out the bug (which means the bed bugs can’t develop resistance to it).

If using desiccants, be sure to use only products registered as a pesticide.

Do not use pool or food-grade diatomaceous earth – this type of diatomaceous earth can harm you when you breathe it in. The pesticide version uses a different size of diatoms, which reduces the hazard.

Desiccants can be very effective; however, they can take up to several months to work.

Treat other areas in your home.  This is perhaps the most challenging part of do-it-yourself bed bug control.  If you catch an infestation early you may not need to do anything more than treat and isolate your bed as described above.  But if an infestation has spread to other parts of the home, bed isolation may not be good enough. Here is where professional help may be needed, especially if you’re not up to moving furniture. Still determined?  Here are some tips that may improve your chances of success:

Prepare the room by separating treated from untreated furniture.  This will involve moving all your furniture to one side of the infested room (Remember, you’ve already assessed which rooms you think are infested.  You may not need to do this in every room).  The process is important because if you treat half of the items in a room and leave other areas untreated, bed bugs may return to the previously treated areas from untreated sites. Take all clothes from drawers, infested closets, etc. and double bag them in clear plastic bags (clear bags are easier to see where things are). Also, double bag all personal items (toys, papers, books, electronics, CDs, or anything that could serve as a hiding place for bed bugs) and set them aside until they can be carefully treated, cleaned or inspected.


Systematically treat the room–all cracks and crevices around windows, outlets, blinds, pictures, posters and clocks on walls, baseboards, under edges of carpets and any other crevices or void areas in the room. Remember that immature bed bugs are very tiny. Dozens of bed bugs can hide in a recessed screw hole in a bed frame or dresser. Therefore, it’s important that no hiding place be overlooked. Treatment can include vacuuming, but should not be limited to vacuuming only. Vacuums do not remove eggs, and will likely not remove all bed bugs from deeply infested cracks and crevices. Vacuums can remove many bed bugs from mattresses and the exterior of box springs (remember to immediately double-bag the vacuum bag after cleaning and dispose of outside in a trash can or dumpster). Sticky tape is another method of picking up bed bugs from furniture, walls, etc.

Systematically examine and treat all furniture (beds, bed frames, dressers, chairs, couches, night stands, etc.) following the same procedures and recommendations above. As a piece is treated it can be returned to the parts of the room that have been treated.  Note that furniture should be taken apart, drawers and cushions removed in order to inspect and treat every nook and cranny. When treating upholstered furniture, pay attention to each welt, button and fold. You may wish to discard low-value, stuffed furniture that is infested and too difficult to treat.  After spraying, return each article of furniture to the part of the room that has been treated. Do not reintroduce any furniture or other items to the treated room until they have been thoroughly cleaned, inspected or treated.

Treat or isolate your bagged items. For washable items research shows that dry cleaning, washing in hot water for 30 minutes, or tumble drying for 30 minutes on high will kill all stages of bed bugs. Non-washables are a little trickier.  Items that aren’t needed for a while can just be stored. It takes 2-5 months to kill bed bugs by isolating them in bags (the warmer the temperature, the shorter the survival time for starving bed bugs). Heating bags by placing in direct sunlight is one of the most effective methods during the warm summer months.  Seven pounds of items placed in clear bags in direct sunlight on a 95 degree day will get hot enough to kill all bed bug life stages in one afternoon.  Also, placing bagged items in a chest freezer (0 degrees F) for 8-10 hours is lethal for bed bugs and their eggs. Some toys may be disinfested by cleaning with hot soapy water and/or rubbing alcohol.

Select and use insecticides safely. There are no magic sprays that kill bed bugs very well.  Most commercial insecticides will kill bed bugs if applied carefully and directly to the insects and their hiding places. An exception is “Bug bombs”, or aerosol foggers. Foggers are mostly ineffective in controlling bed bugs. Because bed bugs hide in crevices and voids where aerosols do not penetrate, they are able to avoid contact with these insecticides. Their use is not recommended. Some of the products you may find helpful include:

Desiccant dusts.  Two low toxicity dusts with good effectiveness include silica aerogel and diatomaceous earth (DE).  Both of these dusts are low risk to humans, and work by desiccating, or drying out, bed bugs that come in contact with it. Silica aerogel is, in some studies, superior for this purpose.  It is sold under various trade names including Tri-Die™ and CimeXa™.  Diatomaceous earth can also be effective.  Look for DE for insect control–it is not the same product as diatomaceous earth used in swimming pool filters, which is dangerous to breath. Some pest control companies now use desiccant dusts extensively in bed bug control. These relatively inexpensive dust can be purchased online or in garden centers or hardware stores. Look for products labeled for indoor use and lightly dust all accessible crack, crevices and voids.  A paint brush is useful for applying these dusts to seams and crevices in sofas and mattresses, along baseboards and inside drawers and dressers.

Low toxicity contact sprays like SteriFab™ or Bedlam® are likely to kill bed bugs only on contact. Alcohol- and soap-based sprays, are only partly effective. All of these products, once dry, are likely to provide no further control. Eggs will not be killed by alcohol-based sprays, so repeat treatments are usually needed. Be careful when using sprays containing alcohol because they may be flammable.

Two plant oil-based products were recently evaluated and found surprisingly effective against bed bugs and their eggs.  EcoRaider™ and Bed Bug Patrol™ received top ratings compared to other over the counter sprays in a Rutgers University study.

Pyrethroid sprays are among the stronger and longer-lasting pesticides, but most bed bugs are resistant to these sprays to some degree. Special care should be taken when using pyrethroid sprays, especially when children are present. Only use pyrethroids in places indicated on the label. Do not spray electrical outlets with any type of liquid spray. Spraying should be done when children are not present, and all label directions followed carefully.

Track your success. Interceptor cups under your bed posts are also one of the best ways of keeping track of your success with bed bug control. Check the cups regularly and empty into a trash bag or bucket of soapy water.  You may even want to keep track of how many bed bugs you catch weekly so that you can track your success. Wipe out the interceptors and make sure they are clean. Some devices, like the Climbup Interceptor, require redusting with a very small amount of talcum powder to make them slippery again and reduce the bed bug’s chance of escape. Note that talc is not toxic to bed bugs, but simply makes it harder for them to climb out of the cup.  The talc should be barely visible, and more is definitely not better.

Pesticides should always be used with caution, and especially when used indoors.  Never use a pesticide for bed bugs that does not bear clear directions stating that it can be used indoors.  Never spray yourself, children or pets with a pesticide.  And follow the label safety directions carefully.  Pesticide labels contain directions for use that are not merely suggestions.  Failure to follow directions exactly is illegal and can result in poor control and possible harm to yourself and family.


If all this sounds like a lot of work, the fact is that it is.  A well-informed client, working with a trained pest management professional, provide an effective team in combating bed bugs. Fortunately, there are multiple methods of control that are available to pest management professionals, including vacuuming, steaming, freezing, heat treatments, use of mattress and box spring encasements, fumigation, and the professional and licensed use of appropriate insecticides. Because of the complex nature of bed bugs, multiple service visits may be required to ensure they are properly eliminated.

For more assistance on getting a bed bug problem identified and controlled, contact us at Double G Pest Control for assistance.

We can be reached at (217)440-2847 or (573)713-0035.

Additional Resources.



Bed Bug Advisory

Bed bugs are on the rise

Bed bug advisory

It is well known that bed bugs have been on the rise in North America for the last 10 years.  Numerous research labs are studying this pest to understand bed bug behavior such as feeding, mating, egg laying, maturation and mobility.  There are different strains of bed bugs found around the country and each has different levels of resistance to commonly used insecticides.  Different strains of bed bugs can take an hour to several hours to succumb to lethal exposure of insecticides used to treat bed bug problems.

Bed Bug on skin

Getting a blood meal is crucial for bed bug development and reproduction.  Finding and feeding on a host is essential to bed bug survival.  All stages of bed bugs use blood as a food source, which they can get from humans, dogs and cats, birds and rabbits.

Bite symptoms typically show on exposed skin surfaces and are often in rows and clusters. Bed bug bites can look like many other reactions. Studies show many people who are exposed to bed bugs will either show delayed or no symptoms at all.

Over the last decade pest management professionals (PMPs) have seen a large influx of products and technologies aimed at preventing and eliminating the bed bug.  Commercial pest control service programs aim to protect their residential customers and commercial clients such as hotels, multi-unit apartments, beds, guests and reputations from bed bug infestations.

Bed bug treatment options

There are many treatment options for bed bug infestations.  There is no “one right” way. While heat treatment, fumigation, non-chemical approaches, pesticides and IPM can all work, it’s not about what you use but rather how you use it.  Pest management professionals have a full tool box of options from which to choose.  Concerns over resistance to some insecticides used by PMPs to eliminate these most unwanted pests from homes, apartments, condominiums, hotels and dormitories have arisen.  One of the most common infestation sources for bed bugs is used furniture. Not only these places but also public places where people gather in are becoming feeding grounds for these prolific pests.  Children from homes were infestations are occurring have been found to be transporting bed buds in their clothing and book bags to schools spreading the bed bugs to more public places adding to more and more public hysteria about this pest.

From a recent article in Pest Control on line, “a University of Kentucky study surveyed more than 2,000 frequent business and leisure travelers to determine their preferences when choosing a hotel and how bed bugs influence their decisions. The report revealed that on average a single report of a bed bug lowers the value of a room by $38 for business travelers and $23 for leisure travelers, respectively. The study also showed the monetary value for travelers’ concerns about bed bugs make it one of the most important considerations when selecting or grading a hotel.  This should make hotel general managers and operations directors sit up and take notice because the highly sought-after business traveler represents the potential for multiple stays and is willing to pay a premium price.”

“When asked what they would do if they read an online review of a property that mentioned bed bugs, the majority of both business and leisure travelers responded they would book a room elsewhere.”


Since the bed bug resurgence started a decade ago, pest management professionals have taken a mostly reactive approach to solving customers’ bed bug problems. In fact according to a survey by Specialty Consultants there was an increase of 11.4% in the number of bed bug jobs complete by PMPs in 2016 over 2015.  In the Midwest, bed bugs are now the second highest revenue generating pest for professional pest control companies.  Bed bugs are expected to be a $1 Billion dollar annual service by the year 2020.  High-rise apartments have been identified as suffering those most severe bed bug infestations.

Baits and sprays have strengths that can complement each other and effectively address both pest prevention and infestation management.  Also, use of vacuum or steamer and consideration for the use of mattress encasements and monitors.

Heat is a great way to treat for bed bugs, but it involves a full day of work, so it can be costly. For companies that take an integrated approach to bed bug control they have to be aware of pesticide resistance.

There are numerous approaches to killing bed bugs and if done properly, the problem should go away. To get it done properly, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner businesses and consumers need to hire a professional pest control company like Double G Pest Control.  It takes through training, effective control tools and techniques and customer cooperation to get control of this pest and eliminate it.


How to Manage Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not likely as well as undesirable housemates you could currently have. They could never ever be as gross and also terrifying as other pests and also bugs like cockroaches, but they can be really frustrating.

Adult bed bug, Cimex lectularius

Bed bugs are bugs that thrive on little openings, cracks or crevices in wall surfaces and also floorings. Normally, bed bugs prefer to stay in dark and also messy edges or parts of your home.

Bed bugs draw blood. It is their main ways of making a living. Thus, they go out in the evening and suck blood from innocent victims, who may be sleeping already.

Bed bugs do not transportation or bring contagious illness, bu their bites could get really scratchy. To some individuals, especially the a lot more delicate ones, bed bugs’ attacks could pose major health and wellness circumstances.

Regulating bed bugs

So the standard inquiry you will want without a doubt (thinking that your home is infested with bed bugs) is,” Just how are bed bugs problem regulated?”

There are a number of steps or implies to regulate bed bugs.

For a beginning, you could begin by protecting against the occurrence or presence of bed bugs in your home. If your home is still not infested, be sure to recognize how to avoid them.

Tidiness is one crucial factor in controlling or avoiding bed bugs from growing in your home. Make sure to earn your furniture, walls, as well as floor spic and span.

Bed bugs enjoy to flourish in beds, so, make certain your bed is completely protected. Frequently change your bed sheets and also make certain the bed does not have unneeded openings or tears.

If your residence currently has bed bugs on it, a simple way to control problem is by applying pesticides or insecticides to the infested areas.

A variety of readily available chemicals especially formulated for bed bugs control are available and also easily accessible in the marketplace. In using one, simply make sure to thoroughly check out all tags and instructions prior to use.

Chemicals, obviously, are comprised of harsh chemicals that could surely knock out pests like bed bugs. These chemicals are so hazardous, that besides controlling bed bugs, they could also position carcinogen or threats to you.

Working with specialists
The most effective and possibly the most smart solution to managing bed bugs invasion is through looking for the specialist aid and also solutions of experts– pest control companies.

Managing bed bugs is not a ‘spur of the moment’ point. A whole lot as well as thorough preparation needs to be carried out ahead of time. Prior to looking for the expert assistance, be prepared to throw out numerous materials and also furniture, if ever the specialists will recommend you to.

There are a number of pest control companies in your region. All you need to do is to grab the phone, as well as wait on a couple of hours.

If you are staying in a house, coordinate with your land lord or land girl. It is their obligation making all the necessary arrangements for pest control procedures.

State and also civil laws mandate them to make sure that their building is risk-free and also pest-free. Speak with them and know the arrangements for pest control service fee repayments.

When you plan to manage bed bugs problem in your home with the help of professionals, likewise be sure to notify or alert your neighbors.

It is due to the fact that some deposits or have an odor of the pest control chemicals may reach their homes. If ever, that will certainly publish serious health and wellness dangers for them.

Since bed bugs are so relentless, anticipate the process of controlling them to be really tiresome. Bugs have that basic features– they are so durable and their systems are so solid.

Generally, managing bed bugs the specialists’ way could take a couple of hours, due to the fact that the professionals have to check for any type of gaps, small splits or openings where bed bugs may be concealing.

Furnishings and house accessories will certainly additionally need to be checked to earn sure the therapy will certainly not miss on any solitary pest.

At times, pest control experts could suggest you to dispose of a number of furniture, particularly beds. Is because, most beds are composed foams or products that have tiny openings on it, which is really optimal for bed bugs to hide in.

In disposing or disposing of beds, make sure that it can never ever be used by other individuals once again. Otherwise, bed bugs will move from your house to anothers spreading the problem.

Due to the fact that environmental worries will certainly rule out burning, you will definitely need to place the bed into a special encasing or pest, making sure all bed bugs on it are entraped within.

Pest Control Quincy Illinois

Pest Control Quincy Illinois

Whether they fly, creep, creep or jump, parasites can disrupt your daily life as well as need to be gotten rid of or removed. You could anticipate insects to be around all year, so locating a good pest control solution is vital. Bear in mind that modern-day bug control is just that: control. It takes some time and also you will certainly not see 100 percent renovation in one therapy. Nevertheless, if you select the ideal pest control specialist for your location, you must see positive cause minimal time.

Bug control describes the guideline or monitoring of a types defined as a pest, and can be regarded to be detrimental to a person’s health, the ecology or the economic situation. An expert of pest control is called a pest control specialist.
A range of computer mouse traps as well as rat catches are readily available for computer mice and rats, including snap traps, adhesive traps as well as live catch traps. Sticky catches, which frequently include scents to bring in the parasite. Contact insecticides are generally used, minimizing the long lasting residual impacts.

Pest Control Services

The best pest control services secure you as well as your loved ones or workers from unwanted site visitors by having a technician inspect as well as identify the pest problem, provide an instant quote and after that exterminate. When you have a bug trouble, you do not wish to wait wish for somebody to look after it. The most effective pest control firms will certainly reply to your telephone call within 24-HOUR. They will handle your current bug issue and also aid you take preventive measures to guarantee insects won’t return. Solution technicians could make use of many approaches, such as sprays and bait catches, to control a number of ranges of bugs, termites, ants, crawlers, wasps, serpents, bedbugs and also various other vermin control.

Depending on where you live, your parasite control requirements will certainly be different from those in an additional area of the country, so make certain the insect extermination solution you select recognize parasites in your location.

Parasite control companies need to also follow regulations for the chemicals they use. And also the most effective business, like Double G Pest Control, will certainly utilize eco risk-free chemicals and also will spray much more effective poisonous substances properly. The business provides its clients pest defense and also removal solutions all year long.
If you have a trouble with a wasp nest hanging from an eave or a swarm of termites biting with the timber in your house, Double G Pest Control can send a technician. The business solutions greater than 50 cities, town and towns in Illinois as well as Missouri.

Exterminator services Offered by Pest Control Companies

While it’s true that numerous insect problems can be dealt with without expert aid, some situations could not.

Many professional exterminator as well as insect control solutions have particular service bundles to help you deal with difficult parasites like termites, mosquitos, rodents as well as bed bugs. You could commonly choose in between a single service, seasonal service, or a regular monthly solution to maintain those bugs away, however some situations could be harder and also require a details eradication program. Double G Pest Control provides both property and industrial pest control therapies.

Double G Pest Control can assist you with almost any kind of pest problem you have and also could generally send a service technician to your house promptly. Double G Pest Control will send somebody to examine your residence inside out to identify just what needs to be done, and after that she or he will produce a customized option for you.
The company uses one-time treatments or pest control prepares that are tailored for your situation and the season. Genuinely Double G Pest Control is one of the most effective pest control services completely factor. The firm supplies a long list of services for property and also industrial clients who require aid with eliminating, managing, removing and also avoiding bug problems.

The Importance of Pest Control

While your primary need for getting rid of pests, rats as well as other bugs from your residence probably has something to do with annoyance or disgust, insect control is generally crucial for your health. Usual parasites like pests, bats, pests, rats and raccoons could all bring hazardous diseases that can impact you and your loved ones. If you own a business, having rodents as well as bugs on your house could adversely influence your manufacturing price, your reputation, and also the health and wellness of your employees as well as guests. Whether in the house or at your business, it is important to maintain those parasites controlled through Do It Yourself tactics or certified specialists.

What Can I Do to Control Pests?

Pests usually thrive in dark, cozy or humid locations, so it’s finest to keep your home clean, uncluttered and also completely dry to prevent pests from clearing up in. Pets’ food bowls are simple targets for rodents, ants, roaches as well as other insects if bowls are always left on the ground as well as are hardly ever cleaned. Keeping your plants at least 2 feet from your residence lowers the chance of bugs wandering right from shrubs or tree branches to your residence wall surfaces. Home window screens could hinder of your sight, however they could likewise keep out thousands of bugs. Any type of area of your house with openings like smokeshafts, vents, pipelines or splits in the walls can be front doors for bugs. You can repair much of these troubles by adding displays, filters, weather condition removing as well as caulking to your home.

To be able to lawfully eliminate termites, each parasite control firm have to pass qualifications offered by the state they are in. Because of this, not all pest control companies could handle termite removal.

How to Choose the Best Exterminator Near Me?

You will find that exterminator prices differ greatly in between firms for numerous reasons. The size of your residence or company is one variable, so the larger your room, the much more expensive the therapy. Insect control prices might be higher because of the seriousness of the infestation or sort of parasite that should be gotten rid of. The area where you live can be an element and also the rarity of a pest problem could hike a rate up. On the whole, pricing is similar for many pest control companies. There are several points to seek beyond price, though. Bug control companies vary in their service offerings. All the pest control solutions we reviewed cover typical insects like ants, wasps, termites as well as spiders. However, many companies take it one action further as well as manage other bugs that are specific to your area.
If bed bugs prevail in your area, pick a firm that can eliminate them. Additionally, know that not all companies are licensed to cover termites, so if you need termite security, make sure the pest control company could deal with them. A crucial variable to seek in parasite control services is a treatment assurance. A company that assures its job will typically return as typically as needed till your bug issue has effectively been eliminated. Several pest control experts check locations that have actually been dealt with as well as make sure pests do not return.

It is common method for insect control firms to use emergency solutions, and also a lot of firms will certainly react within a day or more to treat your residence or organisation. Technicians should inform you precisely what treatments you are paying for.
Double G Pest Control will certainly provide you a break down of where therapies happen as well as what bug control products specialists will use. A lot of companies will certainly offer you cost-free evaluations for termites, ants as well as vermins, and afterwards supply you with a quote. You can anticipate Double G Pest Control to use products and approaches that are secure for you, your household, your animals and the atmosphere. We reviewed insect control solutions based on differentiators like feedback time, the number of parasites they cover and just how quickly they will certainly return for a follow-up therapy if the very first one wants.

Best Ways to Stop Your Rodent Problem

Stop Your Rodent Problem

For many, just the word “rodent” is enough to send them running for shelter somewhere high away from those creepy critters.  If you have a rodent problem, then you know how disruptive (and downright disturbing) it can be for everyone who lives in your home.  Fortunately, rodent issues can be cured if you take proper measures.  Want to know how?  Here are the best ways to stop your rodent problem:

Identify the rodent problem

Rodent problems are not only limited to rats and mice.  In order to treat your problem, you must first determine what you are dealing with.  Common pest rodents (besides those previously mentioned) include squirrels, bats, and even raccoons!


This is perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep rodents at bay.  A clean house ensures that there are no food sources to tempt rodents in and support their growth and reproduction.  All of those dark areas under your kitchen appliances (stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, etc.) are common food collection areas, and are therefore ideal rodent hangouts.  Clean these spaces regularly.  Also, be careful not to leave food or drinks out on tables and countertops overnight, and keep your pet’s food sealed in an airtight container.  When it comes to the outdoors, clear your property of dead brush, where rodents like to hide, and keep any lumber piles elevated off the ground.

Seal off rodent entry points

Inspect your home for areas where rodents may gain entry.  Look for cracks under doorways where weather stripping can be applied, gaps in tile roofs (rodents can actually chew through your roof and gain entry into your home through your attic), cracks in the foundation, and pipes and vents that lead from the outside in.

Rodent traps

For large rodents, you may set up a box trap.  Basically, you just set up a pet carrier with a trap door that falls when a lever, inside the box, is tripped by the rodent.  For smaller rodents like mice, you can set up mouse traps throughout the home.

Baits for rodents

If your home is host to more than just a few rodents, you may need to bait the rodent population to get rid of them on a large scale.  Purchase rodent bait from any chain retailer, hardware, or home improvement store, and then follow the manufacturer’s directions for usage.

If you are not comfortable handling rodent problems on your own, you can choose to put your rodent control into the hands of professionals like us.

Contact us at Double G Pest Control by phone, at 217-440-2847, or email: