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Pest Control Liberty Illinois – From Double G Pest Control

Pest Control

  • Bug removal done local in and around Liberty, Liberty Township in Adams County.
  • Experienced and reliable home and commercial bug management delivered the goods by trained and certified skilled professional to assist you eradicate the unwanted pests you want to deal with and eliminate.
  • Approved and efficient treatment program approaches used to shield you, your household and home and your team members from the various types of pests like mosquitos, wasps, hornets, bees, flies, spiders and bed bugs.
  • Expert service given to help you with your insect elimination and management difficulties for bugs like the numerous varieties of insects such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, moths, termites, rodents which includes mice and rats.

Pest Control Services

  • Professional insect management professional services
  • Honest home and commercial professional services brought about by dependable and accredited pest control technician in Liberty IL.
  • Commercial pest management services readily provided for companies.


  • Personalized pest eradication services to meet your distinctive needs.
  • Immediate and emergency service can be performed locally in Liberty village proper and nearby area.
  • Your licensed pest control expert that can tell you about nontoxic and practical treatment options before attempting to treat your residence by yourself.
  • Experienced unwanted pest’s elimination provided by an experienced contractor proficient in the most up to date bug treatment techniques.

Extermination Services

  • A competent pest control specialist can be trusted to successfully and thoroughly eliminate your home of pests.
  • Pest control specialist can conduct a total evaluation of the establishment to ensure peace of mind.
  • Approved pest control operator in order to help safeguard and enhance the market value of your residential property.

Lawn Treatment Solutions and Fertilization in Liberty IL.

  • Lawn treatment solution and fertilization
  • Experienced lawn pest management treatment methods applied to manage annoying bugs and make your lawn healthier and green.
  • Mosquito, tick, biting ants, mites, fleas, spiders and bug lawn treatment is necessary to offer protection to you, your family members, and pets from possibly significant health problems like West Nile Virus and Lyme disease.
  • Lawn Insect Management is essential to maintaining a healthier lawn and to manage grubs, army worms and chinch bugs which can result in significant lawn harm.
  • Lawn treatment is your very first line of protection to keep these types of creepy crawly pests away from your residential property or establishment.

Liberty Township is located right here in Adams County.

Just a little tale about Liberty, IL

Liberty is located on Illinois Route 104 east of Quincy Illinois. Liberty is a small rural village with an estimated population of between 500 and 600 residents.

Liberty was founded in 1822 by Daniel Lile. According to the history book about Adams County, many more settlers followed and settled there as well.

When the wild Illinois territory was being settled, there were very few settlers with European ancestry. There were native peoples, but how many no one knows and probably never will.

Illinois became a state of the United States in 1818. Settlement of the state began in the southern regions of the state that had river access from the Ohio River and the Mississippi River. As the new settlers arrived the moved quickly north to claim land. The native Americans that that lived in the new state were quickly driven out. A sad punctuation point in American history with the crimes committed against the native peoples by the U.S. government during that period of American history and its expansion west.

Settlement of Illinois really began in earnest after the French were defeated in the War of 1812. Before that the French were the first Europeans to discover and explore what would eventually become Illinois.

The land that became available for settlement were a great opportunity for people that had nothing to become land owners, entrepreneurs and small farmers. For the settlers moving into the new territory is was a land rush to get what was unclaimed and get your stake of ground established, and that they did.

Liberty Township where the village of Liberty resides was mainly settled by immigrants from Germany and from other German settlements around Cincinnati Ohio. There were other “New Englanders, Southerners, Hoosiers, Buckeyes, English, Irish and Polish” peoples as well.

During the 1820’s settlers discovered how fertile the soil in the Illinois prairies was. Once the word got out the settlers pushed north to claim land. Other advancements such as the introduction of the modern self-scouring plow by John Deere proved very effective in breaking up the prairie sod. The other factor that really helped to increase settlement was the building railroads which enabled farmers to be able to get their crops to market more easily.

Liberty had all these things going for it. Great soil and railroad access to make it able for farmers to get their crops to market. Today some 28 million acres of land in Illinois or about 80% of the available land is used to grow crops. Looking around Liberty you will see just that. Large farms with miles and miles of corn and soybean fields. The early settlers would hardly recognize the place.

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