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Pest Control-Exterminator Services for Columbus Illinois

Pest Control

  • Bug management done in your neighborhood in and around Columbus IL, Columbus township in Adams County.
  • Experienced and reliable home and commercial insect management handled by certified and certified skilled professional to assist you dispose of the unwanted pests you will need to handle and exterminate.
  • Expert and qualified treatment method options used to safeguard you, your friends and family and home and your staff members from the numerous varieties of pests like mosquitos, wasps, hornets, bees, flies, spiders and bed bugs.
  • Help with service provided to help you with your extermination and management issues for bugs like the various varieties of insects such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, moths, termites, rodents like mice and rats.

Pest Control-Exterminator Services for Columbus Illinois

  • Professional bug management options
  • Professional home and commercial products brought about by dependable and licensed pest control technician.
  • Commercial pest management services readily accessible for local business.


  • Personalized pest management services to meet your particular needs.
  • Immediate and emergency service can be carried out locally in Columbus IL town proper and nearby area.
  • Your skilled professional pest control specialist that can tell you about nontoxic and practical solutions for Columbus IL.

Extermination Services

  • Professional bug eradication delivered by a competent consultant proficient in the current insect treatment options.
  • A qualified pest control operator can be trusted to competently and proficiently eliminate your home of pests.
  • Pest control operator can undertake a complete property inspection of the company to ensure peace of mind in Columbus IL.
  • Professional pest control expert in order to help shield and improve the monetary worth of your commercial property.

Lawn treatment solution and fertilization in Columbus IL

  • Honest lawn bug management treatment solutions applied to deal with troublesome pests and make your lawn healthy and well balanced and green.
  • Mosquito, tick, biting ants, mites, fleas, spiders and bug lawn treatment is important to provide protection to you, your family members, and pets from possibly significant health problems which include West Nile Virus and Lyme disease.
  • Lawn Insect Management is important to helping keep a healthy and balanced lawn and to manage grubs, army worms and chinch bugs which can trigger significant lawn harm.
  • Lawn treatment is your very first line of self-defense to keep all of these creepy crawly critters outside of your house or establishment in Columbus IL.

Columbus Township in Adams County

Columbus Illinois was first settled in 1830 by James Thomas from Kentucky. Several other settlers followed Thomas and the village grew fairly quickly. In 1836 several lots in the village were sold and nearly 100 new homes were built that year. The new town grew quickly and in 1840 the population was nearly equal to Quincy which was located on the Mississippi River. Columbus was nearest to the center of the Adams County so a hotly contested competition began between Quincy and Columbus to make Columbus the county seat of Adams County.

A legal battle ensued and the backers of keeping the county seat in Quincy eventually won out.

Why does this matter the reader may ask?

Today village of Columbus has a population of about 100. The Census in 2016 counted 98. Quincy on the Mississippi on the other hand had prospered well and has a population of over 40,000. You know what they say? Location, location, location!

Time and history has not fared well for Columbus and it residents and the prosperity of the village.

Look at satellite map of Columbus, Columbus Township and what you see is mostly farm land, tree lined creek drainage areas and few structures of any kind. The last Census in 2010 counted 551 residents and less than 240 homes or dwellings in the entire township. Columbus is the inhabited village in the Township. No other unincorporated areas exist in the Township.

Other than area farming activities there is little to no other businesses to sustain the village. Working age people if not engaged in farming all work elsewhere. Like many other rural farming areas of Illinois, you will find plenty of crops like corn and soybeans. The prosperity of the farm owners and the village are pretty much depended on the swings in crop prices in the global market place.

On the positive side traffic congestion is non-existent. You can drive from one end of the village to the other in about two minutes. The night time skyline is pretty much absent of any light pollution you normally see in a larger city. Your night time sounds will be the natural sounds of insects like crickets, owls, a variety of birds. You get it. The sounds of the quiet country life. If your so inclined, that kind of life can be pretty good. Peaceful and quiet has its charms if your and overstressed city dweller used to the should of honking car horns, loud traffic, airplanes and helicopters flying overhead, loud motorcycles and music blaring from your neighbors next door.

The folks that live in Columbus and around the township like the life. They are hardworking, self-reliant and honest people just like the settlers of old. So, if you’re looking for a quiet life, Columbus IL might be a good bet.

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