Lawn Treatment and Pest Control

There are many things that you can in your lawn and for your lawn to prevent pests and control pests. A lot of pests are attracted to the area because of something in the yard that is bringing them there.

Mow the grass nice and short. This can help prevent many pests from coming to the yard who like taller grasses for shelter.

Stop stacking firewood next to the house. This is a big mistake. It will attract rodents who will seek shelter in it. It will also attract wood living or wood eating pests like termites and carpenter ants towards it who will then get into the foundation of the house and start causing damage.

Get rid of random piles of sticks or leaves in the yard. Pests can live under these for quite a long time and make nests out of them that could lead to an infestation later on in the year.

Cover trash and garbage cans with lids that will stay on. Many pests insect and otherwise will find food from this since there is quite a bit to eat in the garbage.

Get rid of standing water in the yard. This could be from low spots in the soil or items left in the yard like empty flower pots or children’s toys.

One method to control pests in your yard is to attract birds. Birds will eat a wide variety of insects. This is a huge benefit because the fewer insects there are, the fewer larger pests will be in the yard that feed on the smaller pests.

Lawn treatment and pest control

There are also a wide variety of chemical and natural products that can help with pests. Many have strong opinions on each so do your own research on the types of products that you would want to use on your yard. If you feel chemical solutions work for you, your pets, and your family, use them. If you feel they aren’t, consider using organic methods.

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