Lawn Fertilization Tips

You can enjoy walking on the soft surface of your lawn as well its power to keep the air clean if you fertilize your lawn on time and that too with the correct formulas. Here are some lawn fertilization tips for you.

You should fertilize your lawn annually as the lawn is a growing investment. Fertilization will always keep it in good health.

For lawn fertilization, you will require:

* dust masks

* lawn sprinklers

* lawn fertilizers

* gardening gloves

* garden hoses

* broadcast spreader

Fertilization should be timed so as to meet the needs of the lawn. Allow the lawn to become green if you know how to have a green lawn. Mow it a couple of times. Then apply the food formula on the lawn in spring. Go for organic grass fertilizers that are suitable for your kind of grass. Any organic lawn service center will provide you with such kinds of lawn products as per the types of grass. Such lawn services also offer products for weed control for getting rid of crabgrass or any other weed. They provide the best products for grass care.

When buying a lawn fertilizer, make sure and read the label to see if it lists the grass that you’re growing. Also make sure of the frequency of use.

Use “starter” or “new lawn” formulas for the seeds, sods and sprigged lawns that are less than 2 years of age as they will deliver thickening effect in the initial seasons.

For older lawns, use granular, slow release complete fertilizers as they are known to supply nutrients consistently during the fastest growth periods of the lawn.

Do not go for fertilizers that only have a single ingredient like potassium or nitrogen unless you have tested the soil and the ingredients are needed. Buy or borrow a fertilizer spreader. Make sure that you know how it is calibrated for the preferred granular food of the lawn. Walk a little away from the spreader. Do not run. Cover each and every part of the lawn just once. Water soluble food for the lawn will not last for a long time in the soil.

Follow the directions on the label regarding re-application. Spray it cautiously. Do not overfeed. During the course of the growing season, fertilize once at least. During early fall, apply winter formulas in case it has been recommended for the lawn. You do not have worry in case you forget as experts say that once in a year, as and when you remember, is enough for an established lawn.

You have to keep the following points in mind while fertilizing a lawn.

1. Do not fertilize an extremely dry lawn as it will burn out the stressed lawn.

2. Do not use agricultural products on true lawn grasses. Apply products of weed control

3. Do not use them in combination.

4. Wear gloves whenever you handle pesticides and fertilizers.

5. Wear a dust mask so that you do not inhale the dust.

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