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Black Ants

Ant Pest Control Services

Ant pest control is the solution to eliminate this common pest.

Ants in the house are one of the most common complaints homeowners have when dealing with these common pests. There are treatments you can do yourself. But finding the entry source for the ants and to eliminate them it can be very helpful to call an expert in pest removal.

Do it your self: You also can make a dry paste with cornmeal, borax, and some drops of water. Spread the paste in areas where you are likely to see ants. Worker ants eat liquids, not solids, however they’ll carry cornmeal pieces back to their nest.

ant infestation treatment

Take care when making use of pesticides, as they may also assault plants and helpful bugs. Tiny grease ants may seem to appear out of nowhere and sneak into food containers. Rather, they’re appearing out of tiny gaps and cavities in the kitchen, together with areas behind kitchen cupboards.

Fill a water bottle with one half dish soap and two components water, then shake it as much as combine the solution completely. When you see a line of ants (or just one ant, for that matter) spray the combination over them. Wipe up the useless ants with a moist material, and maintain the spray bottle round for subsequent time.Setting out shallow dishes of soapy water is another good method to kill ants. When you open your cabinets and see ants swarming your spilled sugar, it might be tempting to make use of robust chemicals to take all of them out as soon as attainable.

The more ant colonies you check in the course of the appropriate window of alternative, the extra probably you may be to find a queen ant throughout her search. For dryer areas such because the Southwest, it’ll often be in the springtime, whereas later summer time monsoons will be the perfect time in different areas. Queen ants in existing colonies will venture off to start out new colonies throughout certain occasions of the yr. Finding a queen ant is the first step to constructing your very personal ant farm.

If they don’t scent meals, they won’t be thinking about invading your own home. Keep meals containers tightly sealed, too. This is particularly important for sugar, honey, syrup and different meals that ants prefer to eat.

Ant pest control

  • Being an ant exterminator is greater than just a profession, it’s an art.
  • Lemon Juice – A simple resolution of half lemon juice and half water can sprayed across the inside of your house to maintain the ants out – the robust citrus aroma deters the pests.
  • Remove yard particles, and trim vegetation back from the house.
  • Aside from their weirdly pleasant odor, you’ll be able to determine them through their characteristically yellow workers.
  • If you’re uncertain of what precisely you might be in search of, the queen will be the largest ant within the colony, and her middle part–the thorax–might be especially pronounced.

If you could have an infestation, it will not be long before the traps become full of ants who wander onto the cardboard seeking sugary food and feast on the boric acid-tainted syrup. They will not die simply but, but the poison will quickly take action in their stomachs. If you kill them, they will not get the possibility to deliver the poison back to the nest, killing dozens extra ants. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is a really effective insecticide that does not hurt humans or pets in the least.

Caulk and seal holes, after which spray insecticide around doors and home windows. An insecticide that accommodates bifenthrin, permethrin or deltamethrin is one way how to get rid of ants. Spray a four-in.-extensive band along entry points, just enough to moist the floor. Once dry, the spray leaves an invisible film that repels ants so they won’t enter the house. Each spring, spray the insecticide to guard towards ants.

Queen ants may be fairly elusive, but when you know what you’re on the lookout for and how to look, then you possibly can catch your individual queen ant with some time and patience. Keep your surfaces clear so ants aren’t thinking about coming in. During the spring months, when ants are most probably to come inside the house, do your best to maintain your flooring, countertops, and cupboards spotless.

Worker pavement ants only develop to about ⅛ of an inch lengthy while the queens develop as large as ⅜ of an inch. The pavement ant’s diet sometimes consists of items such as sweets, fruits, seeds, cheese, grease, useless bugs, and extra. These little creatures are not identified to unfold illness and they don’t sting or bite but they simply stink to have around, fairly actually. When they invade your house in giant numbers and create the noxious rotten coconut smell they are recognized for, they can be a real headache.

White vinegar makes an excellent family cleaner, and you’ll’t scent it once it dries. Ants actually hate vinegar, and you can also make an affordable, simple pesticide simply utilizing vinegar and water. Mix a 50/50 answer of vinegar and water in a twig bottle.

The employees, scout the environment for meals and viable places where they’ll arrange another colony. Adult pavement ants range in color from darkish brown to black. Their head and thorax have grooved parallel lines and their thorax has a pair of small spines extending out of the rear finish.

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Pest Extermination to Homeowners and Commercial Businesses

New Press Release: June 20, 2018

Pest Extermination to Homeowners and Commercial Businesses Located in and around Hannibal Missouri

Double G Pest Control provides affordable and reliable pest extermination services to homeowners and commercial businesses located in and around Hannibal Missouri. The company’s licensed and trained technicians know how to deal with a wide range of pests such as roaches, mice, ants, termites and bed bugs.

Pest infestation is one of the biggest problems that homeowners and commercial establishments may encounter. It can happen without any warning. Most people try to handle the problem on their own, but the results are usually disastrous. Hiring a reliable pest control company is the best choice for those who want to deal with the infestation properly and efficiently. Double G Pest Control provides a customized plan that’s suitable for the pests in one’s property.  They understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that exists when it comes to pests. That is why they create and implement a plan that is tailored to the unique needs of their clients.

Controlling pests takes effort and time. Over the counter pest treatments can have dangerous chemicals that can harm one’s health if not used properly. Double G Pest Control uses safe and effective methods and eco-friendly products. The technicians are well trained in handling the products and take proper precautions when applying them. Homeowners and commercial businesses don’t need to risk their health and safety just to get rid of pests.

Using the wrong elimination technique can scatter these unwanted guests. When this happens, the pests may just regroup and come back to the property and cause more damage. The technicians at Double G Pest Control know the most effective methods of exterminating various kinds of pests. Clients are guaranteed to get rid of any welcome visitors. They can also provide repeat visits if necessary.

Rodents, termites and other pests can cause a lot of damage to a property. Homeowners and commercial establishments may need to spend thousands of dollars on replacements and repairs if these critters are not removed immediately. Double G Pest Control provides a cost-effective and safe solution to exterminating pests permanently. They offer some of the lowest rates in the area. The cost of controlling pests is only a fraction of what one may need to spend on fixing the damage caused by these unwelcome visitors. Double G Pest Control is available 24/7.

About the Company:

Double G Pest Control provides customized pest control solutions at reasonable prices. The company was established in May 2013 by Greg Goodwin who has 25 years of experience in the pest control industry. Double G Pest Control hires only competent and licensed technicians in order to provide the best service to their clients.


For more information, visit  or call 217-440-2847.

Double G Pest Control Provides Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

Title: Double G Pest Control Provides Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services
Date: May 31, 2018

Double G Pest Control provides residential and commercial pest control services in and around Northeastern Missouri and West Central Illinois. The company has a team of licensed and experienced experts who know how to deal with various kinds of pests, including ants, rodents, roaches, termites, ticks, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, mosquitos and other unwanted guests.

Double G Pest Control can exterminate pests in a safe and human manner. Pests post a threat to animal, plant and human health. Almost all pests carry germs and bacteria. These unwanted visitors can also damage properties. Termites can eat away wooden structures. Pest control is a specialized service that people should never do by themselves. Locating and getting rid of pests require the use of special equipment and products. Double G Pest Control has access to powerful solutions that are more effective and safer than retail or over the counter pesticides. Their technicians are skilled and trained in applying these solutions. They also provide scheduled services to keep their client’s property pest free.

With their extensive knowledge about pests, they can determine the places of infestation and create the best treatment or extermination plan. They focus not only on one-time pest removal, but on reducing the possibility of future infestations as well. These experts can eliminate insects and rodents properly, while ensuring the safe application of their pest extermination solutions. Those who are interested in periodic treatment of their property as preventive measure can also contact the company at any time. Pest invasions can cause financial loss and great discomfort. Hiring a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced professional to deal with the problem is the best choice.

Pests can ruin wooden furniture, eat garments, damage wiring and contaminate food. These critters carry bacteria and parasites from one place to another, spreading illnesses and causing so much inconvenience to the residents of the house. Commercial properties can also get infested with pests. The presence of flies, rats, roaches, mice and other pests can ruin the establishment’s reputation and cause them to lose customers.

Double G Pest Control will thoroughly inspect the building to determine the level of infestation and extent of damage caused by the pests. The exterior and interior of the building will be assessed. Once the inspection is finished, they will evaluate their findings in order to create the right treatment plan. Double G Pest Control keeps their prices affordable, so homeowners and business owners don’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

About the Company:

Double G Pest Control is owned and managed by Greg Goodwin who has been working in the pest control industry for 25 years. Greg worked for a national pest control company for 10 years before leaving to start a business with a partner offering fencing installations and pest control services. They decided to go their separate ways and Greg established Double G Pest Solutions in May 2013.

Pest Control for Mice

Mice, mouse A bunch of mice running around[/caption]

Pest Control for Mice

Of all the pest problems people have, it seems they are most squeamish about mice.  It’s hard to say exactly why just the sight of a mouse is enough to send many people running for safety.  The only obvious thing is that people generally can’t stand the thought of sharing a home with those little furry creatures.  Why get rid of mice?  Well, in addition to the fact that, to many, they are just plain creepy, mice cause a considerable amount of damage – from toxic droppings to gnawed-up furniture.  If you have a population of mice living in your home, or even just a single mouse, then you need to know what you can do to solve your problem.  Here is a guide to pest control for mice:


Keep mice from entering your home in the first place by taking preventative measures.  Block off or seal all cracks, crevices, and holes through which mice may enter your home.  This means any space that is bigger than the cap of a pen.  Also, keep your home free of possible food and water sources for mice.  Cleanliness is everything when it comes to this, as even the tiniest crumbs left under a cabinet can be very tempting for mice.

Mouse traps

These simple devices are an easy and effective way to solve your mouse problem – as long as you only have one or a few.  Simply place baited mouse traps where you know mice are likely to congregate, and then check your traps every day to see if you’ve made a catch.

Poisoned bait

You can purchase mouse bait at any hardware, home improvement, or chain retail store.  Mice are attracted to the bait, which seems like food to them.  When they eat the bait, they poison themselves and die within hours.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to using mouse bait properly.

Mouse trap glue board

Mouse trap glue board

Glue boards

These are exactly what they sound like: boards coated with glue.  The way they work is just as simple: mice who run over the glue boards get stuck in the glue and are therefore trapped.  Glue boards are highly effective, and are non-toxic (which is important if you have pets or small children).  All you have to do is check your glue boards on a daily basis and dispose of dead mice immediately.

Of course, if you are not comfortable with handling your own pest control, you may also opt to put your pest control into the hands of professionals like us, Double G Pest Control.

We can be reached at Double G Pest Control by phone, at 217-440-2847, or email:

7 Pest Control Tips

Pest control tips

If pests are a concern for you and you’d like to see to it that you have to deal with pests as little as possible, then you will be pleased to know that there are some very basic things you can do to keep pests at bay, and/or to rid your home of pests if you already have an infestation.  Interested in learning how?  Read up on these seven great pest control tips:

Seal off entry ways

Pests may enter your home in a number of different places.  Common entry ways are cracks around the doors and windows, holes and crevices in the walls, and through the foundation.  Inspect for possible pest entry points and seal them off.

Standing water

The most common cause of mosquito infestation is standing water outside.  This could be anything from the kiddie pool behind the house to that tiny puddle of water in your driveway.  Any water that has been sitting for a long period of time in a mosquito zone will become a mosquito breeding ground at one point or another.  Investigate your yard for culprits and clean them up immediately.


If you find that your home is already host to a pest colony, then you can take some do-it-yourself measures to rid your home of the pests by baiting them.  Simply purchase the appropriate bait at any local hardware store and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Borax is a great insect poison.  If you have roaches in the house, sprinkle it where you know they hang out (and where you know children and/or animals won’t be playing).  For ants, mix borax with sugar and sprinkle the mixture around the perimeter of your foundation.  The sugar will attract the ants, and the borax will poison them.

Don’t feed pests

Pests need food to survive.  What’s more is that they are often invited into your home by the pleasant scent of food.  Make sure there are no food sources that can attract pests in your home.

Warm and moist environments

Remember that most pests thrive in dank environments.  Go through your home and do your best to make sure you’re not hosting a pest hot-spot.  Every space, even those you don’t see on a day-to-day basis, should have ample ventilation and should be free of standing water.


Don’t forget that not all pests are insects.  Rodents are common pests, and you can go a long way in controlling them by setting traps in all those dark hideouts where rodents can be found.

Of course, the simplest and easiest way to control pests is to enlist the help of professionals.

Contact Double G Pest Control by phone, at 217-440-2847, or email: